Leveraging a big data approach to global appraisal and select exploration, Seapulse has built a portfolio of 18 billion barrels of targets, across seven geological basins. This super-major scale drilling programme, combined with diversification of risk, is intended to optimise the likelihood of achieving several successes and a significant economic return to investors.

photo of an oil tanker

Seapulse Tanker

photo of Scott Aitken

Scott Aitken


billion bbl

of offshore oil exploration targets in a risk-diversified portfolio with data, drilling, and development partnerships with PGS, EnQuest and Maersk Drilling.

The Seapulse Opportunity

Seapulse has completed the work to select a global portfolio of targets to be drilled on industrial scale over 2 years.

timeline of milestones

Access to Global Proprietary Seismic Library

Access to 20 years experience, global network and ~$5bn proprietary seismic data library

Seapulse Operations on the map

Benefits of the Seapulse programme recognised at Presidential level

Significant support from local governments to ensure smooth operations